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Process for Changing Your Temporary Address When Renting

Temporary Change of Address for Rentals:

Do I have to change my address for a temporary move? The answer is yes. You need to make an official change of address, even if it is just for temporary. This can cause trouble if you do not update your address, from late payments to missing income or lost opportunities. You might also lose your mails and packages. Changing your postal address is easy and simple. You can do this online. You can visit to change your address. The procedure is protected, simple and secure. This USPS service Change of address is quick and helpful. Particularly for busy individuals who have no opportunity to visit their nearby postal office to update their address. There is a charge for this procedure at a very low cost. You just need a credit or debit card and a valid email. Once transaction is successful, you can continue to enjoy receiving your package or mail in your new address. You can also set the date when you want to begin forwarding of your mails or packages to your new address. The mail forwarding date must not be more than thirty (30) days, or more than three (3) months from the day you apply. You will start receiving your mail at your new address after seven (7) – ten (10) postal days after the effective date you applied.

Temporary Rental House

If you will just be renting, you can change your address to temporary. Change of address when renting, you just choose and update to temporary address. This option is best for you if you are planning to move back to your previous address in less than six (6) months or if you will be staying in that location for a time being.

Process of Change of Address When Renting

Steps in change of address online

Go to website. Here is the link
Then click Get Started button.

You will be redirected to Official USPS Change of Address page. Then click the proper button if you want permanent or temporary change of address.
Provide the necessary information and fill out the form.

Provide your new address details. After filling in the correct information, clicks submit.
Note: Always double check the data you provided before clicking submit.

If you cannot change your address online, you can visit your local post office.

Steps for address change at US Postal office

Request for Mover’s guide packet.

Fill out the PS Form 3575 inside the packet. After providing the necessary information,
give the accomplished form to the postal worker at the counter.
Or you can drop it in the letter mail slot inside the post office.

After five (5) business days you will receive confirmation letter at your new address.

Also, informing your insurance companies of your change of address is important for your renters insurance. You need to inform your insurance company of your change of address so the items in your new home will be insured. And also, so that you might not face difficulties with dealing your insurance if something unexpected occurrences in your rented house happens. If you update your address through USPS, your information will be forwarded to National Change of Address (NCOA) system. Henceforth, NCOA systems will notify the banks and other business in your new location. So most likely your address details will be forwarded to business entities which you have transaction with. Hence, communication through mails therefore is forwarded to your new address.

You can also have your mails and packages forwarded to a certain address. This can also be done online by using They have a service offered by USPS the Forward Mail. USPS will be redirecting your mails to the new address you have provided. If your move is just temporary, you can enjoy this service for fifteen (15) days up to one (1) year. You can extend after six (6) months for another six (6) months. Please note that there is fee in changing address, but at a very minimal amount.

If you want to cancel, edit or view your change of address order. Go to USPS. com and click, View, Edit or Cancel Your Change of Address Order page. Enter on the fields the confirmation code and the zip code. Confirmation code can be found in the confirmation email sent you during the change of address.


If you are move is temporary, then there is some procedure to follow while changing the address. The process of notifying agencies is explained in the article. There are two procedures for the change in address short. A detail explanation about both the services is also described in section. You will also have the legit information regarding the Postal service address change by visiting the PO in your surrounding area. This article is helpful to all people who have doubts regarding the temporary address change service.