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How Does Post Office Forward Mail Work

Types of USPS Forward Mail

Are you moving to another address or travelling somewhere or going to vacation? And you are quite uneasy with how to deal with your mails. Worry no more! Easy solutions at the tip of your finger. How to do this? Easy by changing your address at USPS. If you want to avoid mail loss or pile up of mails while your away, change your address to forward your mail to the new address. Also, you can have your mail hold and deliver to you when you returnhome, or you can just pick it up at the postal office claim window.

There is Regular forward mail and Premium Forwarding Service Residential. So what is Regular Forward Mail? Regular Forward Mail is forwarding your mail or package to your new address which you have provided in your change of address at USPS.Whether it is long-term, permanent or for just a couple of months, USPS will be redirecting your mails to the new address you have provided. If your move is just temporary, you can enjoy this service for fifteen (15) days up to one (1) year. You can extend after six (6) months for another six (6) months. Of course there is a fee charged for the change of address at a very low cost.

USPS Forward Mail

How to avail Regular Forward mail service offered by USPS. You can do this by changing your address. There are two ways to change address so you can have your mail forwarded by the post office (USPS) to your new address. You can do it online or you can do it by visiting your local postal office. Change of address online application is simple and quick. All you need is internet connection and smart phone, tablet or computer. Change of address is affirmed through email. If you want to change address by visiting your local post office, all you need to do is fill out a form.

Process of Change of address online

Go to site. Click the link

If you are already registered, just click Forward Mail button and provide the information needed.
If not, you need to sign up first to fully enjoy the websites offered services.

Please note that there is a fee for updating your address online. But only for a very little cost. This is for the verification. All you need is a credit or debit card and a valid email address.

Another option is by going to your nearest local Postal office. Here is how to change address at US Postal office:

Request for form.

Fill out the PS Form 3575. After you accomplished the form,
endorse it to the postal office worker or just drop it in the designated mail letter box.

After five (5) business days you will get affirmation letter at your new address.

Change of Address Online

The other option is Premium Forwarding Service Residential. This is a temporary service offered by USPS which can be used by minimum of 2 weeks up to maximum of 1 year.

How long does the post office forward mail?

After a one time enrolment fee, USPS will hold the mail, package it and ship to you each week via a Priority Mail service. Following weeks of service will be charge afterwards. Usually shipment of mail is every Wednesday via Priority mail service. Also, you will be able to receive an email notification with tracking number for every weekly shipment. Package will be received in 1-3 days depending on distance. The advantage of Priority mail items is not held at postal office but immediately forwarded or rerouted to you directly. Further, First-Class Mail items that cannot fit in your weekly package shipment will be sent separately at no additional cost. Also, Premium Forwarding Service Residential is for domestic service only. APO/FPO/DPO are excluded of this service, also zip codes that starts with “969” are also excluded. PFS-Residential Online option is not available for PO box.

If your business has branches located at different areas and you want your mails to be directed at one destination. You can use Premium Forwarding Service Commercial. USPS will consolidate all your mails addressed to multiple PO boxes nationwide in a package. The package will be ship via Priority Mail express or priority mail scheduled overnight delivery. You can expect your package to arrive in 1-3 business days. You can also chose the shipment schedule, Monday to Saturday. Shipment package can weigh up to 70 lbs, which also includes tracking information with USPS Tracking service. Click here to get the latest updates about the change of address service.


If you are moving on vacation and you don’t want the bunch of mails at your mailbox, then this is the best article for you. In this article, there is detail information about the two types of mail forwarding services. You will also get the idea that this mail service can help to protect your important mails. The other services provided PO, and also you will have in-depth knowledge of the post office forward mail just by going through this blog.