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An Overview of USPS Proof of Delivery

USPS Proof of Delivery and How to Get it?

There are times that a customer or sender would ask for USPS Proof of Delivery of the mails and packages sent to. They request of proof of delivery to ensure that USPS has delivered the mail or package and the receiver has actually receive it. So, what is proof of delivery, what does it look like, how to obtain it and what mails and packages are being covered by this proof of delivery.

Proof of Delivery is a confirmation that the receiver has successfully receive the mail item or package. Proof can be either letter or email. This contains delivery information. Such as therecipient’s name, the tracking number, an image of the recipient’s signature, and the printed name and address. Other included information is delivery location attribute (e.g. front door/porch/gate), product of mail, extra services and package weight. Proof of delivery request is free of cost. You do not have to pay for the request.

Further, signature can be avail through USPS Signature Confirmation Services and Priority Mail Express items. USPS Proof of Delivery is available in 50 states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands are also included of the states that can avail. But few other US Territories and Possessions have no access to this service. If you send mail or package to another country, then you cannot avail of this proof of delivery.

USPS proof of delivery

Where and How can I get USPS Proof of Delivery?

Visit website, go to USPS Tracking Tool.

Select Proof of Delivery, then follow the provided instructions to receive the Proof of Delivery email.

If the mail item is delivered to another country, USPS has not Proof of delivery for it. However, if there is a policy of required signature of that country’s postal service, a proof of delivery can be requested. USPS can possibly request through their international agent through research process. This can be done by calling their Customer Care Center and just provide the mail item’s USPS Tracking Number.Further, please note that you cannot receive the proof of delivery until the mail item is delivered. You can post a request before the item is delivered, but proof of delivery can be receive thereafter the recipient has received the mail item. If you want to know about how to Redelivered the USPS Postal Service gets a mail piece, package.

Getting your packages to USPS

Proof of Delivery is a free service. No need to pay for using this service. The USPS Priority Mail Express service and Signature Confirmation offers this service. So how this works? Priority Mail Express offers individual request or single requests are send through email, and USPS offers it online. As for the Priority Mail Express Manifesting service users, USPS provides the proof of delivery in bulk. For Signature Confirmation, article number single or individual request are provided by mail or by fax.

Also, another service is USPS Tracking. A reliable service of USPS in tracking the location of the mail item or parcel. By using this facility, you can track your mail item or package point to point. Customers can track their mail items or package through the tracking number found on the receipt provided by USPS.

USPS Registered Mail

USPS Registered Mail seems like an old-school way of mailing nowadays. With the new and improved mail delivery with Intelligent Barcodes and Informed delivery that gives the recipient sneak peek of their mail through email notifications. USPS registered mail with its proof of delivery and strict rules and controls, this still appeals to customers for sending important and valuable mails.This service provides tracking as soon as the sender endorse the mail to the U.S. Postal Service up to delivery of mail. Every time the mail changes carrier or moves to other office, the postal worker must log in the action taken. Further, registered mail requires a specific packaging and sealing for security and protection of the mail item. Also, when the mail is not in transit, mails are stored in locked safe or room separate from any other class of mails. Moreover, registered mails has postal insurance that covers loss, damage or rifling. Since customers pays more for registered mail for its insurance and assurance for the added security, it is important for the Postal Service to strengthen their operational controls over Registered mails. For those who want to know additional information regarding mailing change of address, look at this website.


Whenever a package or post is delivered than it comes with the question that is whether the mail will reach to the given destination or it will be lost, the USPS has taken some steps like the sign of the receiver so that you can know that the mail is delivered to the desired place. With new technology, the United States postal service has also upgraded with the latest technology like the barcode system and getting the notification of delivery received. You can also ask for the proof of delivery at your post office; it is free. This article is helpful for those who need information about whether the shipment is received or not.