Fast change of address for US Mailing.

Change of address online fast for US Mailing.

Quick address change online for the US.

Process for Online Changing Temporary Vs Permanent Address

When you move to a new location or address, you have many things to prepare. Like packing your stuffs, arranging your moving vehicle services, running your unfinished errands, etc. And most of the time, we forgot that somehow changing address is important so our mails will not be lost. We think this is a tedious task, but no. USPS offers Temporary Change of address or Permanent Change of address online.

Permanent Change of address

This service of USPS provides hassle-free of changing your address at a very minimal cost. Yes, there is a fee for this. The fee is for the online verification process. You just need a credit or debit card and a valid email. Likewise, steps in the form on the page only needs basic information and it’s easy to navigate and understand. When your request is approved, you can now enjoy receiving your mails and packages at your new address that you have provided.

Online Change of Address

You have 2 options in Change of Address request. The request can be permanent or temporary. Both requests can be completed online. Just go and visit the USPS. com website. If you cannot do change of address online, you can go to your local post office to request the change of address. Request the PS Form 3575 and fill up the form. Submit this to the postal worker by the window. This is free of charge. Also, please note that PS Form 3575 can no longer be printed from your own computer.

Avoid use of third party websites and agents in change of address process. They will charge at higher costs. Further, United States Postal Service (USPS) is not affiliated with these businesses. To ensure reliable service always use the website of USPS.

For those who want to know additional information regarding stress free moving checklist look at this website.

Temporary Change of Address

Temporary Change of Address is an alternative in the event that you want to move back to your past address in under six (6) months. On the other hand, if you are not planning of moving back, then choose permanent. Further, you can also set the date when you need to start sending the mails or bundles to your new address. The mail sending date must not be more than thirty (30) days, or more than three (3) months from the day you apply. You will begin accepting your mail at your new address after seven (7) – ten (10) postal days after the effective date you applied.

A Permanent Change of address let your mail to be forwarded to your new permanent address. This is the best option if your are planning on relocating for a long period of time. Also, this service covers first class mail and periodical but not standard mails like of circulars and catalogs. Moreover, with Permanent Change of Address, your new address will be made available to companies which subscribe to the National Change of Address Service, and can also be provided to business mails upon request. When you file for a permanent change of address, you will be put into the National Change of Address (NCOA) system. As this information has been forwarded to NCOA, NCOA systems will notify the banks and other business in your new location. Hence, the system will register you that you have moved, and if your address is in another state, most likely the IRS will contact you as well. The NCOA will keep your data for 48 months or 4 years. If you are planning of moving back to your previous address or to redirect your email to that address. You have no option to cancel the change of address service through USPS system. The NCOA system will override and cancel this request, until the original request expires. If you want to clarify this situation, you need to coordinate with USPS Consumer Affairs to clear this matter.

Here’s how changing address online at website. You need smartphones, tablets or computers with internet access to do this task.

How to change address online

Go to website. Here is the link
Then click Get Started button.

You will be redirected to Official USPS Change of Address page. Then click the button you want,
either permanent or temporary change of address. Enter the necessary details and fill out the form.

Provide your new address details. After filling in the correct information, click submits.
Note: Always double check the data you provided before clicking submit.


The procedure of address change has two methods one is temporary, and the other is a permanent method. Both ways have the same process to follow, but there is only one change in both methods, and that is about the months. The article will act as a guiding light to those moving for the temporary purpose or the permanent purpose.