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How do I Complain about a Post Office Worker?

Have you experience difficulty with your mail delivery? Or you have complains against a postman. Or any USPS customer service issue. Hence, you can file a complaint online at website or you can file at your local postal office. Also, if your concern is not a serious issue like redirect a mail to a different business location.You can talkdirectly to the regular carrier of that postal route. The carrier might be able to accommodate you as long as it does not interfere or impedes with his/her duties and as long as it does not violate postal rules. If your complaints are more serious like crimes related to mail fraud, identity theft, mail theft, suspicious mails, etc., direct your complaint to the higher authority. There are agencies that oversees the US Postal service.

File a USPS complaint

Here are several ways in Filing a Complaint

Visit website. Click Help, select your type of
inquiry or complaint that closely relates to your issue. You can
file a claim or request a refund.

Contact their hotline number 1-800-ASK-USPS
(1-800-275-8777) or TTY: 1-800-877-8339

Go to local post office to speak with station manager or postmaster.

Write a letter of complaint to the US Postal Service Consumer Advocate.

What possible complaints are to be filed? How do I complain about a post office worker?If the problem is about the delivery of your mail example late arrival, misdelivery, tracking, USPS attempted Informed delivery, etc. or if your complain is regarding post office worker or customer service, you can direct your complaint at your local post office or submit a complaint online.

If you file a complaint online, just visit their website Click on the “Help” tab, then click “Contact Us”. After which, click “Customer Service”, then “Email Your Question”. Select the “Personnel” tab if your concern is about employees. Select employee type, the designation of the complained post office worker, then click “Continue”. Fill in the necessary details like date of the incident and other details about the concern. Also, provide contact details for your business on the following page. Entered details will be view on the final screen before submitting. You can also edit the entries. If you are satisfied with the details you can now submit the complaint. This type of communication is forwarded to a supervisor at your local post office for review and response.

Filling a Complaint with USPS

Filing complaint at your local post office is an efficient way to address your concern with the direct supervisor. This is because post masters directly supervise both carriers and front counters. At larger units, they have delivery supervisor who reports to post master. If you file a complaint thru phone call, just tell the employee that you want to speak to a supervisor about a carrier complaint. You will be redirected to the proper person. Give the details of your complaint clearly, how this concern affect you and your business. The supervisor or postmaster will then address this concern with the carrier for a solution. If the problem continues, call the office back and let the supervisor know of this.

If your complaints are criminal offense or more serious concerns, like fraud, theft, computer crimes, etc., this should be reported to higher authorities. There are two (2) agencies that watch over the US post office for criminal offense. One is the USPS Office of the Inspector General which investigates allegation of fraud, waste and misconduct. USPS employees and consumer can submit a report in this institution. Filing a report can be done online. Just visit the OIG website. Click “Contact Us”, and select the proper complaint you want to submit under the “I Need to Report” tab. You can visit our site for more information regarding the post office change of address online.

How To Contact With US Postal Inspection Service

The other agency is US Postal Inspection Service. US Postal Inspection Service is responsible for ensuring the security and sanctity of USPS. They protect the Postal Service, its employees and its customers from crime, and protect the US mail system from criminal acts. They also investigate mail-related crimes. To report a mail related crime, you can call their hotline 877-876-2455. Available from 8 a.m. to 4:30 am in all time zones, then select option 5. Also, you can file online. Visit their website Click “Report” tab. Choose the right form of the nature of your complaint.


There are many services which are offered by the USPS. And also, maintaining the quality regarding the work is important. For this purpose, the United States PO has made the complaint box for those customers having the complaint regarding the Post office united states. There is a procedure and also detailed information regarding the complaint of the postman to the United States postal service. The article also has information regarding the US postal inspection service.