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Essential of Change of Address and Tips of Moving Checklist

Change of Address Checklist

It is true that moving is exhausting and stressful. But at the same time exciting. You have many things to consider. Moving your things is another, as is moving your life to another place. Aside from buying boxes, packing your things, renting a truck or hiring professional movers and the list goes on. Furthermore, you need to notify the right people about your move. It is better to do this earlier, than to do it later and missing important notices, service lapses, missed bills and even opportunities. And you will face potential hassles and difficulties if you did not notify these people. To know who to notify, make a list. This change of address checklist will help you where to start.

Essential Address Change Checklist

Step-By-Step Guide to Update Your Address when you Move:

Start with Change of address with United States Postal Service (USPS) website offers change of address, wherein you can update your address. You can change your address online or you can visit your local postal office.

Both of federal revenue agency and state tax agency needs to be notified of your change of address. IRS offers updating of your address thus notifying them of this move. As for the state tax agency, search your state’s specific government website and look for direction of how to update your address. In most states, updating address can be done online.

Inform Social Security Administration (SSA) of your change of address. If you are a beneficiary of SSA, this is essential information to provide them with. You can do this updating online. Fill out their change of address application online or you can contact them at their hot line at (800) 772-1213.

Notify your phone, cable and internet provider of your change of address. Cancel your subscription if your are moving far away, if you are moving locally you can update your address so they will know where to send your bill. Or you can have your account move to the new location. Hence, when you are at your new home your phone, cable and internet is up and running.

You need to get your Gas and Electric service provider knows where you are moving. You do not want to experience a day without these basic utilities. Transferring your electric service, arrange to discontinue the service in your old address, and set the service at your new address.

You also need to notify other utility providers like water department, sewer utility company and garbage/recycling company.

It is very important to inform or notify your home or renter’s insurance agency of your change of address. So they can transfer your policy to. So your belongings will be insured in your moving.

Inform your employer of your change of address. This will let them know where to send your pay stubs, tax forms and other documents.

Notify your bank and Credit Card Company. Call them if they offer update of address online. Otherwise, go to the bank to update this information.

Notify the agencies that provide your health insurance, dental insurance, car insurance and life insurance. Or visit Healthcare. gov and follow the directions if your health insurance is through federal marketplace.

Update your change of address your magazine and other subscription services. You can do this by calling their service department or email them.

Update your online shopping sites of your change of address. Sites like Amazon and eBay you need to update your shipping details so your orders will not be lost. Mostly, if you overlook changing your shipping details at earlier stage of your change of address, you might overlook this detail on your first purchase.

Notify your clubs, organizations and charities you are involved with. If you are staying in the same area, they need to know for your mailing and billing purposes. And if your move is further away, they may be able to help you with referrals.

Also with your individual service providers. Let your doctor, dentist, veterinarian, etc. to know for mailing and billing purposes.

Lastly, one of things to update when you move. You need to notify your family and friends. You can just send mass email of your new address and BCC every on it.

Changing address takes time but you need to take care of it earlier before any mailing problems arise.

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The address change procedure can be hectic if not correctly planned. There are some essential tips and processes to follow while changing the address. The article has information regarding address change in simple words so that the people, when moving, will get the information. The step by step guide for the address change can also be read in this article.